White Collar Criminal Defense

Flannery | Georgalis has substantial experience defending companies and individuals in nearly every kind of white collar criminal or civil enforcement matter, including fraud, securities violations, SEC and FINRA enforcement proceedings, public corruption, and health care, to name a few. We bring a unique depth of knowledge to helping solve our clients’ problems. Our professionals consist of former federal and state prosecutors and former federal special agents. We understand exactly how investigations and prosecutions are handled, from the initial stages of grand jury proceedings, through trial and appeal.

We know what works and what does not work in defending white collar criminal matters and parallel civil and regulatory enforcement proceedings. In fact, because of our well-deserved reputation for success, our professionals are routinely sought out by other law firms—small, medium, and large—to assist those firms in obtaining the most favorable results for their clients who unfortunately find themselves under scrutiny.

And while our combined experience includes the successful defense at trial of dozens of criminal and civil enforcement matters, some of our most important successes are the ones that are never publicized—where we were able to convince prosecutors and regulators not to bring charges in the first place.

Given our significant prior government experience, both as federal and state prosecutors and former federal special agents, we are also regularly engaged to represent victims of crime, particularly those involving corporate embezzlement and complex financial fraud schemes, cyber crimes, and economic espionage. With our experience conducting investigations and our deep understanding of law enforcement and prosecution practices, we are adept at interfacing with government agencies to seek justice on behalf of clients.

Our Experience

Corporate And Securities Fraud Matters

Defended international public company in SEC investigation involving allegations of failing to disclose related party transactions and misrepresentations in public filings, resulting in the government attorneys recommending to the Commission not to pursue any charges

Defended companies in SEC inquiries and related internal investigations concerning loan loss reserves, fair value accounting and valuation, and risk disclosures regarding mortgage-backed securities and debt obligations

Defended companies in DOJ and SEC inquiries and internal investigations relating to accrual and loss contingency accounting, revenue recognition, bill and hold compliance, capitalization, and amortization-related accounting issues

Defended multi-million dollar international manufacturing company in federal criminal investigation involving allegations of obstruction of justice

Defended business owner in multi-million dollar federal and parallel state securities fraud investigation involving misrepresentations to investors regarding government contracts and ballistics material technology

Mail, Wire, And Bank Fraud Matters

Defended attorney charged with embezzling $4 million from bank clients during foreclosure crisis, obtaining non-incarceration sentence

Defended businesswoman charged in multi-million dollar mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion scheme arising out of large-scale home flipping business. Negotiated plea agreement to substantially lesser offense, which resulted in non-incarceration sentence and retention of professional licenses

Represented national trucking company victim in internal investigation arising out of former employee’s embezzlement from our client, resulting in federal criminal charges against the former employee and the criminal forfeiture of hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets for the benefit of our client

Health Care Fraud/Medical Matters

Defended dentist in a federal criminal investigation involving allegations of false billing and, even after the government executed search and seizure warrants, obtained a total declination of any criminal charges

Defended multi-million dollar health care system in federal health care investigation involving agents with HHS-OIG, and obtained a declination of any criminal charges

Obtained a non-incarceration sentence of a medical professional in a significant federal health care fraud matter in which the prosecution was seeking a lengthy prison sentence. The significant downward variance was delivered after comprehensive written and oral argument by F|G

Defended oral surgeon before state licensing board and obtained complete reversal of temporary suspension of license

Represented home health care company victim in multi-million dollar embezzlement by a former employee

Defended dentist before state board of dentistry in matter involving allegations of substance abuse, and negotiated a minor, temporary suspension

Obtained dismissal of all claims brought against dentist and his implant dentistry education organization arising out of breach of contract allegations brought by attendee; decision affirmed on appeal

Obtained dismissal of civil lawsuit brought by marketing company against dentist and his dental practice

Public Corruption Matters

Defended prominent Baltimore businessman charged in high-profile corruption matter involving the former Mayor of Baltimore and a former Baltimore City Councilwoman. Obtained dismissal of bribery indictment and negotiated plea agreement to substantially lesser campaign finance offense which resulted in non-incarceration sentence

Represented individual in large-scale, multi-year public corruption probe, resulting in no criminal charges against our client

Asset Forfeiture, Currency Violations, And Money Laundering Matters

Defended family of business owners who had hundreds of thousands of dollars seized by the IRS in tax evasion and currency structuring investigation. Persuaded prosecutors to decline criminal charges and return substantial amount of seized currency

Represented national transportation business in matter involving embezzlement by a former employee, and conducted internal investigation to interface with federal law enforcement to secure nearly a million-dollar asset forfeiture applied as restitution to our client

Represented family operated automobile dealership involved in currency structuring investigation. Negotiated corporate criminal resolution that resulted in no family members being charged and consequently removed from the United States

Theft Of Trade Secrets Cases

Represented national defense contractor employee in investigation involving theft of trade secrets, ITAR violations, obstruction of justice, and tax evasion resulting in resolution involving plea to lesser charges and non-incarceration sentence

Served as pool counsel to professional engineer and physicist employees of major defense contractor in investigation involving theft of trade secrets and ITAR violations

Our Practice Areas

Military Justice Representation and Defense

Military law is a complex and daunting realm and navigating that system without the assistance of a trained military attorney can have devastating results. If you are a member of the United States Military and have been suspected of a crime or are subject to an...

Corporate Security and Organizational Protective Orders

The security risks for corporations have evolved over time and have become increasingly complex. Globalization has changed the structure and pace of corporate life in many ways, including the need to manage at a distance. Corporate accountability, and scrutiny, have...

Anti-Money Laundering And Financial Regulatory Compliance

Flannery | Georgalis, LLC has substantial experience addressing complex regulatory, enforcement, and internal investigative issues affecting financial institutions. Our team is special because it comprises a cross-disciplinary group of former federal prosecutors,...

International Litigation and Dispute Resolution

When parties conduct business in a global market, international commercial disputes often arise. In U.S.-based international litigation, these cases raise complex issues involving service of process under the Hague Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and...

General Criminal Defense

General Criminal Defense Flannery | Georgalis has significant experience defending individuals charged with a variety of serious criminal offenses. As former prosecutors and defense attorneys, we have the unique experience of having been on both sides of a wide array...

Critical Motions and Appeals

In every complex litigation—whether criminal or civil—there are make or break moments involving the written word: the must-win suppression motion, the motion to exclude a devastating expert witness, the motion to dismiss based on a novel legal theory, the motion for...

Business Litigation

Flannery | Georgalis represent clients in a wide of array of complex commercial litigation matters, especially including those involving allegations of serious or intentional misconduct, business fraud, professional liability, and significant employment disputes and...

Professional Licensure Defense

We understand the suspension or revocation of a professional license jeopardizes an individual and their family’s well-being. A suspension is disruptive and could irrevocably damage your practice. A revocation can be catastrophic to your livelihood. We have...

Healthcare Regulatory and Enforcement

With federal agency administrative rules, court decisions, and executive orders continuing to drive regulatory changes and enforcement trends, providers and participants in the healthcare industry need trusted counsel. Drawing upon years of government experience,...

False Claims Act and Qui Tam Actions

The False Claims Act (“FCA”), 31 U.S.C. §3729 et seq., imposes liability on individuals and entities who defraud governmental programs. The FCA, along with analogous state statutes, is generally viewed as the government’s most powerful anti-fraud tool, because it...

Dentist, Dental Practice, and DSO Representation

Flannery | Georgalis has significant experience representing dentists, dental practice groups, and dental service organizations (DSOs) in a variety of sensitive matters. The team of attorneys at Flannery | Georgalis is comprised of former federal and state...

SEC and FINRA Investigations and Enforcement

The Securities & Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) is the primary regulator of the U.S. Securities markets. FINRA is a non-governmental organization that regulates member brokerage firms and exchange markets. Each year, securities regulators brings hundreds of civil...

National Security and Cyber Crimes

Matters involving national security are the U.S. Department of Justice’s highest profile and highest priority cases. Several of our former federal prosecutors and special agents were assigned to national security and cybercriminal units while in government service. We...

Economic Sanctions and Export Control

Customs and international trade law is a complex field of statutes and regulations that is frequently changing and violations can lead to detained, excluded, and seized shipments as well as severe civil and criminal penalties. The Trade Facilitation and Trade...

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (the “FCPA”), was enacted for the purpose of making it unlawful for certain persons and entities to make payments to foreign government officials to assist in obtaining or retaining business. Since 1977, the anti-bribery provisions of...

Criminal and Civil Fraud Tax Controversy

At Flannery | Georgalis, our team of former federal prosecutors and former special agents are uniquely experienced to represent clients in a wide variety of criminal and civil tax controversies. Unlike any other firm, our tax controversy team consists of multiple...

Corporate Internal Investigations

Flannery | Georgalis has significant experience conducting internal investigations on behalf of public and private companies of all sizes. We understand that in corporate criminal and parallel civil matters, conducting a comprehensive internal investigation is...

Antitrust and Competition Law

Around the world, recent events have sparked renewed interest in antitrust and competition law and its role in keeping down prices and protecting consumers. In the United States, the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission have stepped up their scrutiny of...

Probate and Trust Litigation

Despite the best intentions, many times related parties struggle to find common ground during the challenging time of an estate plan execution. Private wealth disputes can be complex and emotional matters involving important legal and financial considerations. At...

Probate, Estate, and Trust Administration

At Flannery | Georgalis, our attorneys have extensive experience handling the administration of estates and trusts, both simple and complex. We know this can be a challenging and emotional time for everyone involved, and we work with our clients to make the process as...

Estate Planning

The process of developing an estate plan and navigating the laws that govern them are increasingly complex and challenging. It is critically important that the estate you have built for future generations of your family is protected. At Flannery | Georgalis, our Team...