White Collar Criminal Defense

Flannery | Georgalis has substantial experience defending companies and individuals in nearly every kind of white collar criminal matter, including fraud, securities violations and SEC enforcement proceedings, public corruption, and health care, to name a few. They bring a unique depth of knowledge to helping solve their clients’ problems. From their 20 years of combined experience as both federal prosecutors and defense attorneys at large and mid-size law firms, they understand exactly how investigations and prosecutions are handled, from the initial stages of grand jury proceedings, through trial and appeal.

They know what works and does not work in defending white collar criminal matters and parallel civil and regulatory enforcement proceedings. In fact, because of their well-deserved reputation for success, Flannery | Georgalis are routinely engaged by other law firms—small, medium, and large—to assist those firms in obtaining the most favorable results for their clients who unfortunately find themselves under scrutiny.

And while their combined experience includes the successful prosecution and defense of dozens of criminal jury trials, some of their most important successes are the ones that are never publicized—where they were able to convince prosecutors and regulators not to bring charges in the first place.

Our Experience

Corporate and Securities Fraud Matters

Defended business owner in multi-million dollar federal and parallel state securities fraud investigation involving misrepresentations to investors regarding government contracts and ballistics material technology

Defended companies in SEC inquiries and related internal investigations concerning loan loss reserves, fair value accounting and valuation, and risk disclosures regarding mortgage-backed securities and debt obligations

Defended companies in DOJ and SEC inquiries and internal investigations relating to accrual and loss contingency accounting, revenue recognition, bill and hold compliance, capitalization, and amortization-related accounting issues

Prosecuted nationwide $50 million penny stock fraud conspiracy with parallel SEC investigation and civil complaint involving multiple public issuers, registered brokers, boiler room promoters, attorneys, and consultant

Prosecuted fugitive hedge fund manager in $35 million conspiracy to commit securities fraud, sale of unregistered securities, wire fraud, and mail fraud

Prosecuted investment adviser representative for his role in defrauding clients of $5 million

Theft of Trade Secrets Cases

Represented national defense contractor employee in investigation involving theft of trade secrets, ITAR violations, obstruction of justice, and tax evasion resulting in resolution involving plea to lesser charges and non-incarceration sentence

Served as pool counsel to professional engineer and physicist employees of major defense contractor in investigation involving theft of trade secrets and ITAR violations

Prosecuted university professor for theft of trade secrets from a major Ohio corporation and university laboratory

Directed investigations being conducted by the FBI involving allegations of theft of trade secrets matters in the Northern District of Ohio and abroad

Mail, Wire, and Bank Fraud Matters

Defended attorney charged with embezzling $4 million from bank clients during foreclosure crisis, obtaining non-incarceration sentence

Defended businesswoman charged in multi-million dollar mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion scheme arising out of large-scale home flipping business. Negotiated plea agreement to substantially lesser offense, which resulted in non-incarceration sentence and retention of professional licenses

Prosecuted three defendants in $200 million wire fraud conspiracy for their role in submitting fraudulent invoices to victim factoring company

Prosecuted defendant for global conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods and defraud shipping companies, securing a multi-million dollar restitution order for the victim and deportation proceedings for defendant

Health Care Fraud and Medical Doctor Matters

Prosecuted doctor of anesthesia for his role in multi-million dollar health care fraud conspiracy

Prosecuted multiple chiropractors for their role in $20 million health care fraud conspiracy involving medically unnecessary procedures and false diagnoses

Prosecuted multiple proprietors of surgical centers in Florida, Ohio, and New Jersey for their role in a multi-million dollar health care fraud conspiracy involving upcoding and other false claims to several major health care insurance companies

Prosecuted defendant in multi-million dollar embezzlement from a major health care insurance company

Tax Fraud and Failure to Remit Matters

Defended group of restaurant and liquor store owners in criminal tax, currency structuring, and forfeiture investigation. Negotiated civil settlement and declination of criminal charges

Prosecuted international fugitive hedge fund manager in multi-million dollar conspiracy to commit tax evasion involving illegal tax shelters and parallel SEC investigation

Public Corruption Matters

Defended prominent Baltimore businessman charged in high-profile corruption matter involving the former Mayor of Baltimore and a former Baltimore City Councilwoman. Obtained dismissal of bribery indictment and negotiated plea agreement to substantially lesser campaign finance offense which resulted in non-incarceration sentence

As part of Cuyahoga County Corruption Probe, prosecuted business executive charged with bribing former Cleveland VA director for inside information regarding VA contracts

Asset Forfeiture, Currency Violations, and Money Laundering Matters

Defended family of business owners who had hundreds of thousands of dollars seized by the IRS in tax evasion and currency structuring investigation. Persuaded prosecutors to decline criminal charges and return substantial amount of seized currency.

Represented family-operated automobile dealership involved in currency structuring investigation. Negotiated corporate criminal resolution that resulted in no family members being charged and consequently removed from the United States

Prosecuted several complex, large-scale identity theft/money laundering cases, including one involving sophisticated serial identity thief, who defrauded individuals and financial institutions of more than $3.5 million and laundered money through unlicensed bitcoin exchange business.

Prosecuted store owners in multi-million dollar fraud scheme involving millions of dollars seized from bank accounts in pre-indictment civil forfeiture

Prosecuted international $16 million money laundering conspiracy ring involving thirty-two defendants and spanning across three continents and multiple judicial districts

Theft of Government Funds Matters

As food stamp fraud intake prosecutor at the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Ohio, prosecuted grocery store owners in multi-million dollar food stamp fraud conspiracy spanning nearly a decade

Prosecuted grocery store owners in multi-million dollar food stamp fraud and WIC fraud conspiracy involving four stores across Northeast Ohio

Prosecuted multiple individuals in theft of government funds matters involving the Social Security Administration, the Department of Veteran Affairs, NASA, and many other agencies