General Criminal Defense and Expungement

General Criminal Defense

Flannery | Georgalis has significant experience defending individuals charged with a variety of serious criminal offenses. As former prosecutors and defense attorneys, we have the unique experience of having been on both sides of a wide array of criminal matters. We have tried cases, both as prosecutors and defense attorneys, involving narcotics and weapons violations, bank robberies, large-scale racketeering and drug conspiracies, sexual assault, and even multiple murder trials. We understand the stress and toll that high stakes, serious criminal matters have on individuals and their families. We are uniquely experienced and equipped to help you in your time of greatest need.

Sealing and Expungement

Flannery | Georgalis has significant experience representing individuals with criminal records seeking to seal/expunge convictions and acquittals from their record. We understand that a criminal conviction can have a devastating impact on an individual’s employment opportunities, security clearances, professional licenses, and ability to travel internationally. We are routinely sought out by companies, on behalf of their employees, and law firms, on behalf of their clients, to assist them in clearing their criminal records to avoid collateral consequences.

We have successfully represented clients from around the country and the globe in Ohio-based sealing/expungement matters. Our clients include business professionals, lawyers, accountants, public officials, former armed service members, accountants, medical professionals, and students, to name a few.

Our Experience

Secured a full dismissal of a federal indictment of an individual charged with serious federal crimes and facing a mandatory minimum 30-year prison sentence if convicted

Successfully resolved the criminal prosecution of an international cannabis company’s employee with a dismissal of all criminal charges

Represented subject in an investigation involving making threats to a judge, resulting in no criminal charges against our client

Defended president of company charged with using company transportation equipment to facilitate drug distribution operation. After conducting exhaustive defense investigation, persuaded federal prosecutors to dismiss all drug related charges, to release seized corporate assets, and to resolve the matter with a substantially lesser immigration offense, which resulted in non-incarceration sentence

Represented a prominent businessman in sealing four separate alcohol-related offenses from his record, enabling him to keep his job

Successfully represented an attorney sealing a criminal conviction from his record, preventing the loss of a large client due to international travel concerns

Represented a municipal-level city official in sealing a criminal conviction and a Grand Jury No Bill from her record

Prevailed in sealing the conviction of a former armed services member and now IT professional

Represented an accountant in sealing convictions in both a Municipal Court and County Common Pleas Court

Defended individual employees in Department of Justice investigation into government contract fraud