Corporate Internal Investigations

Flannery | Georgalis has significant experience conducting internal investigations on behalf of public and private companies of all sizes. We understand that in corporate criminal and parallel civil matters, conducting a comprehensive internal investigation is critically necessary to securing a favorable resolution with prosecutors and regulators. Having successfully handled numerous complex investigations both as federal prosecutors and defense counsel, we know how to conduct a thorough, well-managed corporate investigation at a fraction of the cost larger firms charge for similar engagements. Most importantly, when the investigation is complete, we have the experience and know-how to effectively communicate with prosecutors and regulators to secure favorable outcomes.

Our Experience

Represented public company during internal investigation involving allegations of earnings manipulation and accounting irregularity

Represented international manufacturing company in corporate investigation stemming from federal criminal allegations involving former employees

Represented bank holding company with $140 billion in assets and its senior executives during federal regulatory probe and stock purchase agreement funded by U.S. Treasury

Represented regional bank with $17 billion in assets and its senior executives during federal regulatory investigations, FDIC receivership, and asset transfer

Defended companies in SEC inquiries and related internal investigations concerning loan loss reserves, fair value accounting and valuation, and risk disclosures regarding mortgage-backed securities and debt obligations

Defended companies in DOJ and SEC inquiries and internal investigations relating to accrual and loss contingency accounting, revenue recognition, bill and hold compliance, capitalization, and amortization-related accounting issues

Managed several large-scale, multi-district investigations involving both privately owned and publicly traded companies