By: F|G Marketing / Date: 12, November 2019

F|G Expands to Pittsburgh

F|G has opened an office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is being led by Colin Callahan, a former U.S. Assistant Attorney in the Western District of Pennsylvania. Colin is joined by attorney, Jonathan Fodi, a former Allegheny County Assistant Prosecutor and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 10, November 2019

DOJ Announces Creation of New Procurement Collusion Strike Force

Earlier this week, the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) announced the formation of a new Procurement Collusion Strike Force (the “Strike Force”), which will focus on investigating and prosecuting crimes that undermine the integrity of the government contracting process. The new Strike Force is similar in structure to the strike force model that DOJ has long used to target health care fraud across the country. The Strike Force will bring together prosecutors from DOJ’s Antitrust Division and select U.S. Attorney’s Offices,… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 25, October 2019

F|G Law Clerks Pass Bar Exam

Congratulations to our law clerks, Arne Bussler, Robert Porter, and Talia Sukol for passing the 2019 Bar Exam. The Bar Admission Ceremony will be held on Tuesday, November 12th.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 21, October 2019

F|G Secures Favorable Outcome for Client in Health Care Fraud Case

An F|G client received a non-incarceration sentence in a federal health care fraud matter in which the prosecution was seeking a sentence of over two years’ imprisonment. The significant downward variance was delivered after comprehensive written and oral argument by F|G.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 21, October 2019

Opioid Epidemic - Litigation, Enforcement and Initiatives

Over the weekend Flannery | Georgalis attorneys presented at the American Association of Dental Board’s annual meeting in Las Vegas. Their “Opioid Epidemic – Litigation, Enforcement and Initiatives” presentation discussed the national opioid multi-district litigation and increased federal, state and administrative enforcement trends relating to medical professionals.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 16, October 2019

When a Dental Examination Turns Into a Cross Examination

F|G is built to defend the most sensitive and complex legal matters against dental professionals, including health care fraud prosecutions, drug diversion investigations, and professional licensure defense. When your liberty and livelihood are on the line, you can count on Flannery Georgalis to represent you aggressively, passionately, fearlessly.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 14, October 2019

Emmett Robinson Joins F|G as Of Counsel

F|G would like to welcome Emmett Robinson who has joined the firm as Of Counsel. Emmett is a stand-out legal writer and analyst with an impressive track record briefing cases before federal trial and appellate courts as well as the Ohio and U.S. Supreme Courts. He represents clients in civil matters including private securities actions, breach of contract actions, qui tam actions, and a wide range of other matters. Emmett also represents clients seeking to overturn convictions or reduce their… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 04, October 2019

The Trauma-Informed Courtroom

Edward Fadel, Senior Associate of F|G, LLC, participated on the panel, The Trauma-Informed Courtroom for the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association on October 2nd, 2019. The panel discussed approaches for practitioners when working with individuals that have experienced trauma. Ed, who has tried nearly 100 cases in state court, added, “defense attorneys must thoroughly prepare for their cross-examination and expect the unexpected. It is important to be patient and find the balance between empathy and loyal advocacy.”

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 24, September 2019

F|G's Ally Rich Selected to the CMBA's 2019-2020 Leadership Academy

Congratulations to F|G’s Ally Rich for her selection in the CMBA’s 2019-2020 Leadership Academy. The competitive ten (10) month program includes emerging and established lawyers who not only excel in law but also excel in leadership. Ally, an established attorney, recently joined Flannery Georgalis and is busy expanding her network, serving the community, and receiving professional development experience from industry experts.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 20, September 2019

Women's White Collar Defense Association Hosts Annual Retreat

The Midwest chapter of the Women’s White Collar Defense Association celebrated their second annual retreat in Nashville, Tennessee on September 10-11, 2019. F|G Associate, Mira Aftim, represented Cleveland along with other Ohio attorneys. The retreat also hosted women attorneys from Nashville, Alabama, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Michigan, and Pittsburgh. The focus this year was on networking and growing the Midwest presence.