By: F|G Marketing / Date: 06, February 2020

Justin Withrow Admitted To State Bar of Michigan

Flannery | Georgalis is now licensed to represent individuals and businesses with sensitive matters in Michigan. On January 24th, Senior Associate Justin Withrow was sworn in as a member of the Michigan Bar by Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Rachel Rancilio. Justin and the rest of the firm are excited by the opportunity to provide sophisticated representation in complex criminal and civil matters in Michigan.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 30, January 2020

The Department of Homeland Security Proposes Plan to Combat Trafficking of Counterfeit Goods

On January 24th, The Department of Homeland Security ("DHS") released its Combatting Trafficking in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods Report. Counterfeit trafficking poses significant health, safety, and national security risks to individuals as well as the economy, and the report emphasizes the DHS’s commitment to implementing an effective plan to combat trafficking. It plans to increase inspections and seizures at U.S. ports of entry, increase scrutiny of Section 321 Environment, suspend and debar repeat offenders, and analyze enforcement resources, among others.… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 21, January 2020

Ed Fadel Leads The Mayfield Wildcats to the Ohio Regional Mock Trial Competition

Ed Fadel once again lead the Mayfield High School Mock Trial Team into competition this past Friday at the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas. His students worked tirelessly to perfect their craft under his leadership, beginning in September to prepare their case. This year, the case focuses on whether it is permissible for a school to restrict a student’s First Amendment right to free speech in relation to a gun rights rally. The Wildcats fared well bringing in four… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 17, January 2020

Talia Sukol's Article Featured in The Federal Bar Association's Northern District Winter 2020 Newsletter

One of the essential questions in establishing a body of law around the area of genetic information privacy is whether information can be truly anonymous. Researchers were recently successful in identifying the surnames of male individuals who had contributed purportedly anonymous genetic information for research purposes. Thus, in developing a regime of genetic privacy rights, one’s right to be anonymous should not form a central part of that law unless and until additional research makes clear that anonymization is possible.… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 14, January 2020

False Claims Act Recoveries Increase in 2019

The Department of Justice (“DOJ”) announced that in 2019 it obtained more than $3 billion in settlements and judgments from cases involving fraud and false claims against the government. False Claims Act recoveries increased over 2018, when DOJ announced total recoveries of approximately $2.8 million, and exceeded $2 billion for the tenth consecutive year. More than 85% of the funds recovered in 2019, totaling more than $2.6 billion, were from health care-related matters. Reflecting DOJ’s focus on “holding drug companies… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 04, January 2020

Flannery | Georgalis adds third former IRS special agent to growing tax defense team

Flannery | Georgalis has hired Frank Brown, a recently retired IRS special agent, adding depth to the Firm’s financial investigations and complex tax defense groups. Frank brings more than 31 years of government service as a special agent with IRS-Criminal Investigation. He has conducted numerous criminal investigations, including those involving tax, money laundering, the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), and other complex financial crimes. Frank was also assigned to an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, where he assisted in dismantling… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 19, December 2019

Talia E. Sukol Selected to Ladder Down

Congratulations to F|G Associate Attorney, Talia E. Sukol, for her selection to Ladder Down, a year-long program that promotes leadership, business development, and mentoring for women lawyers. The training is comprised of monthly panel presentations by national and local leaders, and small group workshops. Participants develop leadership, communication, and conflict resolution skills, and focus on cultivating business development through growing client relationships and increasing visibility. The program also emphasizes the importance of paying it forward and mentoring. Talia is excited… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 16, December 2019

Should Law Enforcement Have Access to Encrypted Devices and Apps?

Law enforcement’s ability to access encrypted devices and apps, a subject of ongoing national debate, is an issue of public safety, according to a recent article. Law enforcement argues that their inability to access encrypted devices hinders critical investigations and compromises public safety. One solution proposed by law enforcement is for tech companies to build a “back door” into encrypted services specifically for law enforcement access. However, tech companies argue that providing such access would leave them vulnerable to… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 11, December 2019

Ed Fadel Speaks About Career Transitions

On Tuesday, Ed Fadel joined six other speakers at the CMBA for a panel discussion on "Making the Pivot in Your Practice." Ed spoke to the CMBA’s Criminal Law and Young Lawyers sections about his successful transition from prosecutor to defense attorney. Among other pieces of advice, Ed says that "when transitioning in your career, it is important to find the right people you want to work with, not just the right job.”

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 06, December 2019

Michigan Legalizes Recreational Marijuana - What Does That Mean For Ohio?

As Michigan legalized recreational marijuana this past Sunday, Ohio law enforcement officers say they are mindful of the likelihood that more individuals will travel to Ohio from Michigan carrying marijuana, according to reporting by The Ohio State Highway Patrol told reporters it is not planning to take increased action, but officers are cognizant of the potential for increased marijuana traffic to Ohio and will be looking for probable cause to search for criminal activity. Read the full story here.… Read more