By: F|G Marketing / Date: 13, April 2020

CARES Act Relief Funds Will Come with Increased Government Scrutiny

National emergency relief funds are typically accompanied by increased government scrutiny – and funds distributed under the CARES Act, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, will be no exception. The government will be keeping a watchful eye over the disbursement and use of relief funds. The CARES Act created three oversight bodies: The Special Inspector General for Pandemic Response (the “Special Inspector General”); The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC); andCongressional Oversight Commission.These three bodies will be responsible for ensuring CARES… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 09, April 2020

Attorney General Barr Directs Bureau of Prisons to Prioritize Use of Home Confinement

The first reported case of COVID-19 within a BOP facility occurred on March 21, 2020. As of April 6, over 195 inmates and 63 BOP staff had tested positive across BOP’s 122 institutions. Those figures represent a nearly 600% increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 over the course of just 5 days. In an effort to prevent the coronavirus from further spreading throughout the federal prison system, on March 26th and again on April 3rd, United States Attorney General Bill… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 07, April 2020

First Coronavirus-Related Charges Brought by Federal Prosecutors

As discussed in last week’s post, Attorney General William Barr issued a March 16th memo directing all Department of Justice prosecutors to prioritize the detection, investigation and prosecution of Coronavirus-related fraudulent conduct. Federal prosecutors have swiftly responded to the directives of AG Barr commencing criminal six prosecutions in four different districts. On March 25th, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California arrested actor Keith Lawrence Middlebrook alleging he solicited investments in a company he claimed would… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 04, April 2020

Federal and State Agencies Prioritize Coronavirus-related Fraud Schemes Amid the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Attorney General William P. Barr recently directed all U.S. Attorneys to prioritize the investigation and prosecution of Coronavirus-related fraud schemes. Unfortunately, it is commonplace for unscrupulous actors to take advantage of disasters to prey upon people’s fears and anxieties. With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sweeping across the globe, many fraudulent schemes have already been reported, often times target the most vulnerable. These new schemes are wide ranging and indiscriminatory, targeting individuals and companies alike. Some examples that the Department of… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 17, March 2020

DOJ and FTC Focus Efforts on Scams Amidst COVID-19

As the evolving COVID-19 situation is sweeping across the nation and affecting the economy for both local and global companies, the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) are focusing their efforts on bringing down offenders trying to take advantage of a crisis situation. On March 9, 2020, the U.S. DOJ released a statement that it intends “to hold accountable anyone who violates the antitrust laws of the United States in connection with the manufacturing, distribution, or… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 11, March 2020

Mayfield Mock Trial Team Headed to State Championships

Good Luck to the Mayfield Mock Trial Team and their advisor, F|G Senior Associate Edward Fadel, at the State Championships in Columbus, Ohio this week. Mayfield secured a number of Best Lawyer and Witness Awards on their way through Districts and Regionals. We hope their success continues as they seek a State title!

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 05, March 2020

F|G Expands to Charlotte

Flannery | Georgalis is excited to announce it has opened a third office in Charlotte, North Carolina. F|G Charlotte, like the Firm’s offices in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, focuses on handling sensitive matters and trial work, including complex criminal defense, corporate investigations, tax controversy, and anti-money laundering and Bank Secrecy Act matters. The team includes Perry Mastrocola, David Brown, and Jimmy Messer. They add significant depth to F|G's experienced team of former prosecutors and former law enforcement investigators.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 03, March 2020

Ohio Hemp Application Period Opens Today

The application period is now open for Ohio licenses to cultivate and process hemp. Flannery | Georgalis has experience preparing and submitting applications for regulatory licenses in Ohio, including in the related field of medical marijuana. If you are considering throwing your business’s hat in the ring for an Ohio hemp license, we would be happy to discuss how our Firm could counsel your business on the state regulations and assist you in putting your best foot forward in an… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 02, March 2020

F|G Speaks at the American College of Legal Medicine's 2020 Annual Meeting

On February 22nd, Flannery | Georgalis lawyers Colin Callahan and Justin Withrow presented at the American College of Legal Medicine’s 2020 Annual meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. Colin and Justin presented on Government enforcement trends affecting the dental practitioner focusing specifically on the increased use of data analytics by Government investigators to identify healthcare fraud. Colin and Justin regularly speak to dental organizations of all sizes regarding criminal, regulatory and licensure enforcement.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 21, February 2020

Ohio Facial Recognition Task Force Releases Report

The Ohio Facial Recognition Task Force was selected to advise the Ohio Attorney General ("AG") on how to use facial recognition software as an effective law enforcement tool while still maintaining and protecting privacy and civil liberties. Yesterday, the Task Force released 13 recommendations to the AG on the use of the software including auditing, access, accuracy and reliability, and monitoring. A few of the recommendations were as follows: - The Ohio Attorney General should appoint a Facial Recognition Advisory… Read more