By: F|G Marketing / Date: 27, November 2018

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law: Chris Georgalis Selected as Guest Speaker at White Collar Crime Course

On November 27, 2018, Chris Georgalis was selected as a guest lecturer at Professor Patricia Falk’s White Collar Crime course at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, offering insights on the white collar crime practice area from a criminal defense perspective.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 18, November 2018

Defendent Facing 30 Year Prison Sentence Dismissed

Federal District Court Judge dismisses federal criminal indictment against defendant represented by Flannery Georgalis who was facing a mandatory minimum 30-year prison sentence.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 13, November 2018

Sixth Circuit Appeal Involving Complex 4th and 5th Ammendment Issues Dismissed

Flannery Georgalis, having prevailed on a dispositive motion at the district court level, successfully obtained a dismissal of a Sixth Circuit appeal filed by the United States government in a criminal matter involving complex 4th and 5th Amendment issues.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 28, September 2018

Move to Suppress All Evidence Against Defendent Facing 30 Years Successful

In a major defense victory, Flannery Georgalis, as court-appointed counsel, successfully moved to suppress all evidence against a defendant facing a mandatory minimum 30-year prison sentence in federal district court following a significant suppression hearing. Read the full article here.

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Paul Flannery and Kevin Vogel Moderate CMBA’s Small 2018 Small and Solo Expo

On September 28, 2018, Paul Flannery and Kevin Vogel moderated and spoke at the CMBA’s Small 2018 Small and Solo Expo, Gaining Traction: Driving Your Practice Forward, presenting on the topic of Liar, Liar: What to Do When Your Client Lies.

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 30, August 2018

Paul Flannery Provides Insight About Detail Subpoena

Paul Flannery was interviewed by reporter Andrew J. Tobias for his story on the FBI search warrant executed in the federal bribery investigation of Cliff Rosenberger, Ohio's former House Speaker. In response to a months-old public records request, state legislative officials released copies of a subpoena and a search warrant federal investigators delivered to them in late April. Paul was asked to provide his insights, as a former federal prosecutor who prosecuted high profile, public corruption matters, regarding the… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 19, July 2018

Chris Georgalis Interviewed About Terrorism

Because of his work as a federal prosecutor and now a high stakes defense attorney, Chris Georgalis was interviewed and quoted by reporter Evan MacDonald in a piece about terrorism stings and the delicate balance between entrapment and public safety. Read the full article here. The article provides: "From authorities' perspective, it's critical to investigate suspicious online posts because the internet represents 'a means of surreptitious communications and ready access to like-minded individuals,' said Cleveland attorney Chris Georgalis, a… Read more

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Chris Georgalis Provides Insight on Man Accused of Plotting Terror Attack in Cleveland on Fourth of July

Chris Georgalis was interviewed by reporter Evan MacDonald to provide insight on the recent federal arrest of a man accused of plotting a terrorist attack on the Fourth of July fireworks celebration in Cleveland. The article provides: "'What made the case unique is that it presented investigators with a deadline to make their case, the Fourth of July holiday,' said Cleveland attorney Chris Georgalis, a former federal prosecutor who has worked on terrorism cases. 'There will always be a… Read more

By: F|G Marketing / Date: 30, June 2018

One Year Anniversary Interview

A few months shy of the one-year anniversary of Flannery | Georgalis, LLC, Cleveland Crain's sat down with Paul Flannery to talk about his and Chris's experience so far, the challenges they've faced in getting a new firm up and running and how having niche expertise has helped them along their path to building a boutique practice. The article provides, in part: "Paul Flannery and Christos Georgalis, former assistant U.S. attorneys in the Northern District of Ohio who have worked… Read more

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Assistant United States Attorney Presents Chris Georgalis with Award for Superior Performance

Chris was presented with the Director's Award for Superior Performance as an Assistant United States Attorney - Criminal Division, for his work as a former federal prosecutor. The Director's Award was presented at the Great Hall in the Robert F. Kennedy Main Justice building in Washington, DC, by Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio Justin Herdman, and Director of the Executive Offices for United States Attorneys James A. Crowell IV.