Oct 12, 2017

Flannery | Georgalis Featured in a Cleveland.com Article

Flannery | Georgalis were featured in a cleveland.com article. Read the full article here. The article provides, in part:

“Their plan for the coming years is to build up their criminal defense and civil practice — and eventually hire more staff — by trading on the reputations they built in the federal prosecutor’s office. Flannery worked there for three years and most recently handled white-collar prosecutions. Georgalis spent seven years there and most recently worked in the office’s national security unit.”

“Flannery and Georgalis’ route — creating a small firm with low overhead — is in line with a national trend. While many who work for the Justice Department stay there for their entire careers, those who leave often make the jump to larger law firms, where their wealth of experience in the courtroom often proves to be a marketable and lucrative asset.”

“Flannery and Georgalis, who both worked at larger firms before becoming federal prosecutors, are also banking on the idea that a small firm can also prove attractive to clients who may prefer more a more personalized experience than a large firm can offer, while also getting referrals from larger firms for cases they cannot handle.”