Feb 21, 2020

Ohio Facial Recognition Task Force Releases Report

The Ohio Facial Recognition Task Force was selected to advise the Ohio Attorney General (“AG”) on how to use facial recognition software as an effective law enforcement tool while still maintaining and protecting privacy and civil liberties. Yesterday, the Task Force released 13 recommendations to the AG on the use of the software including auditing, access, accuracy and reliability, and monitoring. A few of the recommendations were as follows:

– The Ohio Attorney General should appoint a Facial Recognition Advisory Committee to work in collaboration with the OHLEG Advisory Committee and to assist the OHLEG Steering Committee

– The Attorney General should limit access to the Facial Recognition database to trained professionals at the Bureau of Criminal Investigation

– The Attorney General should promulgate a specific standard for when law enforcement may utilize facial recognition and define investigative purpose for its use. This standard should require reasonable suspicion that the person to be identified has committed a crime, the person’s actions present a danger to human life or may cause serious physical harm, or that law enforcement must use facial recognition to identify someone who is not able to identify him or herself.

– The facial recognition database system should have an image quality standard and disqualify images that do not meet that standard

To read more on the report click here: https://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Files/Briefing-Room/News-Releases/AG-Facial-Recognition-Task-Force-Report-FINAL.aspx