Apr 27, 2023

Kevin Mulcahy Joined LIVENow From FOX’s Josh Breslow To Discuss The Detention Hearing For Jack Teixeira In Determining If He Will Stay In Custody.

Detroit, Michigan (April 27, 2023) A judge will hear arguments from both sides into whether Jack Teixeira, the Massachusetts airman accused of leaking Pentagon documents online, should remain in custody pending trial. Kevin Mulcahy, a former federal prosecutor will give his thoughts on both sides of the case. “Each side will make their arguments and the judge will consider a series of factors that will frankly cover a wide scale of almost everything about Mr. Teixeira before he makes the decision of whether Mr. Teixeira stays in custody or will be released, stated Mulcahy.

To hear the full interview, watch the link here: https://www.livenowfox.com/video/1212960.