May 4, 2020

Flannery | Georgalis Client’s Release to Home Confinement Reinstated

On April 28th, Flannery | Georgalis successfully secured the reinstatement of the Bureau of Prisons immediate release to home confinement of a client only five months into an 18-month federal incarceration sentence.

F | G submitted an emergency request to the Bureau of Prisons seeking the client’s immediate release due to the proliferation of COVID-19 cases through federal prisons across the country. Despite there being no positive COVID-19 cases at the client’s facility, the request was quickly evaluated and granted. Less than a week later, the Bureau of Prisons rescinded its decision and removed the client from quarantine citing a new Department of Justice directive.

F | G quickly responded to the rescission. After tireless efforts and contact with several Bureau of Prisons officials, the initial decision was reinstated. The client is now in route home.

The Department of Justice is prioritizing requests like the one F | G recently secured for its client. Flannery | Georgalis is prepared to aggressively pursue the immediate transfer to home confinement of those currently in Bureau of Prison’s custody. Please contact Paul Flannery – (216) 367-2094, or Justin Withrow – (216) 302-7573,