Sep 6, 2019

Evaluate Your Compliance Program before the Government Does It For You

Company Pays Hefty Fine And Forced To Participate In Compliance Program

The federal government this week, in investigating a company’s alleged faulty billing procedures, has not only proposed a hefty $127 million-dollar settlement payment from the company, but is demanding they participate in a comprehensive compliance program drafted by the Inspector General’s office. This week, Universal Health Services, Inc., is negotiating a compliance agreement with the federal government in an effort to settle alleged criminal allegations of billing fraud. With the strict scrutiny and regulations businesses are facing from the government, having a compliance program in effect before you are ordered to have one will save time, money and the disruption of a potential federal investigation.

Is your business compliant with local, state, and federal regulations? Do you have procedures in place to mitigate the risk of fraud? Do you need regulatory advice? Flannery | Georgalis has experience developing, implementing, and reviewing compliance policies that are tailored to fit the needs of new or existing businesses.