Apr 20, 2023

Elizabeth Greene Discussed Her Thoughts On WBTV ‘There Could Still Be Evidence’: Search Warrants In Madalina Cojocari Case Remain Sealed

Charlotte, North Carolina (April 20, 2023)Flannery Georgalis, LLC partner Elizabeth Greene provided her insight on WBTV on a judge’s order to keep the warrants in the case of missing person Madalina Cojocari (12) sealed until July 17th. In the interview, Elizabeth Greene discusses why court documents are sealed, in general, and the possible reasoning behind the judge’s extension of the seal in this particular case. The motion and order were filed under seal, and there is no official reason as to why this is.

“This is not unusual at all for judges to seal search warrants and certain types of court orders,” Beth Greene, a former assistant U.S. Attorney for the Western District of N.C. and partner at Flannery | Georgalis stated.

To find out more about this case, watch the link here: https://www.wbtv.com/2023/04/19/there-could-still-be-evidence-search-warrants-madalina-cojocari-case-remain-sealed/.