Aug 12, 2019

DOJ and DEA Use Aggressive Tactics to Combat Opioid Epidemic

Opioid Distributors And Manufacturers Criminally Liable

The Department of Justice is combating the opioid crisis by now holding opioid distributors and manufacturers criminally liable. An Ohio-based drug manufacturer was recently indicted for Conspiracy to Distribute and Dispense a Controlled Substance. In the past, the DOJ imposed administrative fines and penalties against distributors and manufacturers to enforce drug laws, but due to the overwhelming number of opioid related overdoses and deaths, the DOJ and U.S. Attorney’s Offices are moving toward more aggressive tactics. In addition, the DEA utilizes a 360 Strategy to combat opioid use which includes long-term engagements with pharmaceutical companies. Cleveland is listed as a 2019 pilot city for the program. With the current epidemic, corporations and executives can avoid large fines, civil investigations, and/or criminal prosecutions by taking a more proactive approach, and implementing effective compliance programs designed to prevent criminal actions and federal law enforcement intervention.

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