Jul 2, 2018

Chris Georgalis Provides Insight on Man Accused of Plotting Terror Attack in Cleveland on Fourth of July

Chris Georgalis was interviewed by cleveland.com reporter Evan MacDonald to provide insight on the recent federal arrest of a man accused of plotting a terrorist attack on the Fourth of July fireworks celebration in Cleveland. The article provides:

“‘What made the case unique is that it presented investigators with a deadline to make their case, the Fourth of July holiday,’ said Cleveland attorney Chris Georgalis, a former federal prosecutor who has worked on terrorism cases. ‘There will always be a sense of urgency if you’re dealing with an attack that could happen in days or weeks,’ Georgalis said. ‘You don’t have the luxury of waiting around to build a case. You’re on a separate timeline.'”

“Investigators consider a suspect’s criminal history, their potential access to weapons and the nature of the rhetoric they use to determine if a suspect is a legitimate threat.

“‘It’s more of an art than a science,’ Georgalis said. ‘You want to make sure you have access to enough admissible evidence that you can use against the individual in court. That’s obviously key.'”

“Both [U.S. Attorney] Herdman and Georgalis said investigators take careful steps to make sure they are collecting evidence in a careful way, so as to ensure a conviction. But they acknowledged that, if a threat becomes too prominent, investigators will move in to make an arrest before an attack can be carried out.” Read the full article here.