Apr 14, 2023

Beth Greene, Partner Of Our Charlotte Office Discusses The Shanquella Robinson Case With Lowell Rose Of WBTV

Charlotte, North Carolina (April 14, 2023) – Flannery | Georgalis partner Beth Greene gives her insight on the Shanquella case with Lowell Rose of WBTV. The Justice Department said there was insufficient evidence to file charges for prosecution for Shanquella Robinson’s death.

Beth stated, “The United States Attorneys hands are tied. They really do not have a case to bring, and it is unfortunate. I see where the U.S. Attorneys office is coming from after I read the medical examiner’s report.” “If you do not have a medical examiner who is willing to get on the stand under oath and based upon his/her examinations of the body that this is her cause of death, as a prosecutor you cannot bring that case. It is an essential element you must prove.”

The report showed that Robinson’s cervical spinal cord was not broken despite the partial autopsy in Mexico. However, there could be a civil case against the people who could be responsible for Robinson’s death.

To hear the full interview, watch the link here: https://www.wbtv.com/video/2023/04/13/former-federal-prosecutor-comments-shanquella-robinson-case/.